Losers Game

by Dark Little Rooms

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Songs of confession and of hope written to be listened to alone or in the presence of a loved one, Dark Little Rooms is a scream in the dark and a whisper from the heart propelling the songs of Scott Crowder from bedroom to barroom and back again. Dark Little Rooms has hijacked the Plastic Ono Band at gun point and taken them to Memphis 1966, California 1975 and Liverpool 1982. Following in the traditions of Stax Records, the Brill Building period, the Dark Little Rooms raises its metaphorical hand, carrying the torch of passion, reuniting the holy and unholy once again.

"I can't help but think of gospel music when the vocals really soar and the piano and guitars go along. The songs themselves are not gospel, but the emphasis of the music and the intensity feels like gospel at times. At the foundation though, Dark Little Rooms is moody pop, driven by strong vocals, piano and a sense of style that seems to be missing from indie rock for perhaps a decade or two. Nice stuff.
--Delusions of Adequacy

"After (Scott) Walker came David Bowie and Bryan Ferry. After them Nick Cave, and then Rufus Wainwright. Every musical generation reinvents the barroom ballad...But the apparent difference between Crowder and his predecessors, to judge from the band's EP, is a refusal to wallow. Transcendence sounds right around the corner."
--Washington Post-Express


released June 13, 2005

Scott Crowder - vocals, keyboards
David Jones - guitar
Ian Whalen - bass
Kevin Cornell - drums

Alexis Brown - background vocals on Colder Before It's Warmer & In Love and Trouble

Mixed by Ian Whalen & Dark Little Rooms
All songs by Scott Crowder
Blind Sea Records / www.blindsearecords.com

Also available on iTunes


all rights reserved



Dark Little Rooms Virginia

Dark Little Rooms is rock n' roll with a heart of gold. From 2001-2005 Scott Crowder & band alternated between writing, recording and playing shows on the East Coast of the U.S.A. with such artists as Smog, Derek Webb & Denali. In 2007 DLR became a solo venture for Crowder as he continues to write and record music while living in Virginia with his family. ... more

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Track Name: Losers Game
Dream I had of this day
All I need so far away
Can’t hold on to what I have
Need the peace to hold to the plan

Mary said I want it all
I just need a place to call
Never tried to run away
I needed time and the world to change

All that you take, eat your mistake
Taking my time, breaking my spine

I was gone down into…
I wanted but I just couldn’t choose
Mary’s gone and I can’t respond

All that you take, eat your mistake
Losing my time, breaking my spine

I was gone down into…
I wanted but I just couldn’t choose
I was gone down into…
A wanting that I just didn’t choose
Mary’s gone and I can’t respond
Track Name: Wanted It Simple
You wanted it simple and you wanted me true
The words came out easy like a hunger from you
Changed my existence, put your marks in my skin
And said you staked your claim
The blood that dripped from your name
Eight letters forever stained

You wanted it easy and needed it fast
The kindness of strangers always made you laugh
Gave me responses when I never asked
You loved to play pretend
A secret you never hid
A time I’ll soon not forget

You’ve got a wandering mind
A wandering mind for sale
Nothing close to any real kind of love
And now everything’s for sale

It’s tearing my heart
It’s so easy to do
You gave me all lies and swore they were true
Baby I shouldn’t cry
I know now I should’ve ran
You gave it away
An emotional man
Track Name: Colder Before It's Warmer
You had your luck but it’s run dry
The truth is a game we played based on a lie
What is done can’t be changed
What’s said can’t be erased
No place for regret

You gave your love to me could you have known
Pain and suffering shared the rooms in our home
Would you go the other way
And live for the day
That we’d never met

There’s always a price
The joy and pain in my life
What’s in it for me
If I can’t be free?

I can’t go on it’s too hard to try
Always something you need I could never buy
A little goes a long way
Well that’s what they say
When needs have been supplied

Where’s the relief in this For my last wish
There were things I took for granted now I miss
I can’t bear to find the place
To see all the waste
Our love and its divide

Give up on all this useless mess
You said it’s so easy but I can’t forget
By myself alone I don’t want to know
You not in my home it hurts so bad

There’s always a price – The joy and pain in my life
All I want to do is hold you in my ever loving arms
Track Name: God Given
And you know its God given
A way for all you had and all you want.
The illusion seemed so final,
Whole worlds torn apart

I was given away for nothing
cause’ you wanted and I could
It’s the love that I found wanting
something never understood

And it’s good
what you want from me and should
It’s the thing I know is good
and you know I want it too
but it’s nothing that we do
Like a moral that wasn’t true
All the selfish things we do
and I keep on hurting you
and you know I can’t take it, know I can’t take it

You got all you want baby
Come along
Come and make it yours
Cause’ you want
Go and lose your all
Come through the fire
World is groaning
In the fire

And it’s good
And it’s true
Come to
Gonna’ do

And it’s good
Come to
Gonna’ do
And it’s true
Track Name: No Eyes To See
Go and be that guy who can’t explain
No calls and the walls
you must see are your own brain

No eyes care to see
No light
No height
No sympathy

Take this lighted torch and raise the flame
Burn you must,
the heart that bears your name

No eyes care to see
No eye
No high
My life
No walls for us
No sympathy
And I wanted you
you didn’t want me
Broken and confused
You left it with me
Said I’m so bad
Track Name: In Love and Trouble
Did you find what you came for?
This broken body on the floor
Promises and good intentions
Just too bad every word was nothing more.

Cannot last and don’t belong
Dare not breathe what’s been done
Never knew to question
Abused my mind
Words proved to be unkind

All I am
Broken and can’t stand
Hide my aching head
I dream for the day to feel again

In love & trouble…

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